URGENT pop3 problem

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URGENT pop3 problem

Postby siteffect » Fri Apr 21, 2017 1:13 pm

We have a big issue with the latest version of mailenable 9.72 (our other mailserver version 9.60 does not have this issue)
the _index.xml file is not recreated after a pop mailbox access.
- the mailbox has 2 messages which are shown in the _index.xml file and in the directory inbox on the server
- we access the mailbox and delete 1 message. the file is deleted, but the _index.xml file is not updated.
- when we now login to the webmail, we still see the 2 messages and when clicking on the (previously deleted) message it displays 'message could not be retrieved'
- when we delete in webmail, the _index.xml file is recreated and all is well.
- this problem occurs only when users are connecting through POP3
- the problem is also that in this case the mailbox used space is not updated so mailboxes sizes are wrongly calculated !

we think it has something to do with the latest fix in 9.72
FIX: POP service may crash if inbox index file contains duplicates

Can this please be fixed as soon as possible ???

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Re: URGENT pop3 problem

Postby MailEnable-Ian » Mon Apr 24, 2017 4:08 am


Im unable to reproduce the behavior in 9.72. What email client are you using to access the mailbox via POP? Perhaps lodge a support ticket via the MailEnable support form below under "Upgrade" and provide server access so that a technician can check further.


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Re: URGENT pop3 problem

Postby siteffect » Mon Apr 24, 2017 4:53 am

good morning,
it is email client independent, even with a normal telnet session on the server we are having the problem.
We connect to the mailbox via telnet on the server.
we delete a message, we quit, on that point the EML message is deleted, but the _index.xml file is not changing date and time.
When we now connect via webmail, the message is still there but when accessing it we get a popup saying the message can not be retreived.
Manually deleting the _index.xml file, refreshing the webmail client (so the _index.xml) is re-created) solves the problem.
it really just looks like there is no refresh of the _index.xml file....

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