SMTP Plugin Implementation

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SMTP Plugin Implementation

Postby JanS » Thu Feb 23, 2017 2:37 pm


I have some questions about the SMTP plugin interface.

SMTP plugins should be DLLs that export a function named "Execute". This function is defined as:

long Execute(char *Configuration,char *Response);

I have three issues here:
* Which character set is being used for the parameters Configuration and Response? ASCII? UTF8? Unicode?
* What is the maximum length of the Response?
* Is it possible to get the whole mail content (if called after the "DATA" statement)?

What I want to do is to attach the spam filtering to the SMTP service. This way I want to reject incoming messages rather than moving them to the quarantine. Having a quarantine can be a showstopper for many customers. In Germany we are required to put every (accepted) incoming message into a persistent and unchangeable mail archive. If we accept spam mails, we have to archive them. If the server accepts a mail (false positive) and moves it to the quarantine, the message sender does not get notified. This is a big problem for us.


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