How to authorised a third party bulk mailing service to deliver locally?

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How to authorised a third party bulk mailing service to deliver locally?

Postby cjard » Mon Sep 11, 2017 12:56 pm

My MailEnable is responsible for domain's mailboxes, but for sending we'd like to use a bulk mailing service, AuthSMTP

The problem I have is that when authsmtp is delivering messages from e.g. the contact form on our website, the website submits a mail to AuthSMTP where the SMTP commands issued are:


Etc.. This naturally results in AuthSMTP (a foreign SMTP service) connecting to port 25 of my MailEnable and quoting a MAIL FROM that contains a domain that ME thinks it is responsible for. When we throw in the fact that AuthSMTP won't have authenticated (because it's just acting like a third party mail server and they don't authenticate) it looks like a spam, and ME rejects it with an error message that authentication must be used if quoting a FROM address that is locally hosted/ME is responsible for

I'm now wondering how I can permit these delivery attempts to MailEnable?

I'm fairly sure I can add a blanket approve based on IP address of's server, the only problem with that is there are thousands of them, and even with wildcards it's a bit of a pain. Is there some alternative method? Can ME be made to check the SPF and see " is allowed to impersonate" and allow the delivery (for example)?

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